Do Online Poker Tells Really Exist? Do Online Poker Tells Really Exist? Poker talks about the visual cues you get from opponents when you play face to face. There have been many discussions that some facial expressions, body movements, eye contact and even verbal responses can mean as to which hand the opponent has.

No cookie or other visual signal

Obviously, there is absolutely no cookie or other visual signal in online poker to help you distinguish between information, even if you could. But does this mean that online poker does not say anything at all? Not really, but, of course, they are limited to the actions of your opponents. Generally, this may be only one of two things: the betting patterns and the amount of time they take to make their game. When you talk about betting, this is where your Poker terpercaya software comes in, since you can check your history instantly and, sometimes, it’s very clear that your game is not in order. Poker calculators can compensate for any clue you think may be missing in a live game.

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The betting patterns can be compared to the size of the pot, the chemistry of the board, the position and the last wigs of the same player. Now it’s a lot, so let’s see where the typical betting patterns can give an idea of ​​what your opponent has.

For example, you bet the top pair that has QcJc on the board of 8d9dJs and it goes up immediately, even if the other player has not yet entered. Now this is a difficult place, and such games generally mean that they have a product, or in this case, a HUGE draw that can make you a loser at this time.

What happens to one of these massive remains of the river? We are sure that you can have two pairs, but if there is a ladder and / or a color on the board to agree, it is good that you ask him to crush it now. A lot of players will be here, trying to make you think that he is bluffing with such a big bet, and he expects you to have a hand, like two pairs, where you have a good chance of calling that interception. However, if you never make one of these bets in your poker career, you will be ahead.

Rapid calls on the flop often mean a draw, especially if there are others to act on your hand.

Small fees are generally accepted at face value. Your opponent does not want a large bank, which means a moderate force or even a weak hand, simply trying to steal an orphan pot. These types of bets can represent robbery opportunities for you when they are recognized.

Also, be aware of the inst check, which usually means that your opponent would prefer to be on the next hand, and just want to retire, as soon as he can. Immerse it later with a minimum bid.